New Patio and Garden Gate

There haven’t been any house updates for a while – because I haven’t been here so haven’t done anything! However we did realise earlier this year that we were never going to find the time to lay our own patio, we’ve been in the house two years now (can I get a little “yay!” for that?) and still nowhere to sit outside, so I found a local garder who could come and do it, he even has a website so look up Character Gardens if you need a gardner. Lee and his team were friendly and the results are good!

Here’s the obligatory before and after shots:

Patio - before it began Finished Patio

They also came and fitted us a garden gate, ours has always been hopeless and it actually fell off its hinges about 3 months ago. Now I have a shiny new one with a catch that goes “click” when you close it.

Garden Gate

(and look, my lavender hedge is getting bigger!)

3 thoughts on “New Patio and Garden Gate

  1. hey patio looks very smart and i love the garden gate! you can have a very big YAY about being in your house 2 years from me! cant wait to see it all for real! Miss u! Caity x x

  2. Bart: yes, we love it – thanks for dropping by!

    Caity: It doesn’t seem like 2 years, does it? Looking forward to showing you how much has changed by the time you come again, ooh and I’ll take summer garden photos so you can see the flowers :)

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