PHPNW: Site, Tickets and CfP

The date for PHPNW was announced a few weeks ago as Saturday 10th October 2009, and now we’ve got all the official bits and bobs to go with it! In outline:

The website:

Tickets: Early bird pricing until September 11th, student tickets available – look on the website for instructions on getting student tickets.

Call for Papers: Speakers wanted! If you have something to share and you think you can do that coherently – then submit to us please, we’re always looking for new people, new talks, as well as the talks and speakers you’d expect to see at the bigger PHP conferences. If you’re not sure if something fits, feel free to contact us.

This is officially a one-day Saturday event, with a full day with two tracks of talks and an attendance of 200+ people. In reality its a whole weekend of geeking out in Manchester – with a pre-conference social on Friday night, the main event on Saturday, a conference social running on Saturday night and an informal set of sessions on Sunday morning for anyone with the energy to keep on going before everyone makes tracks to their homes.

If you’re going, thinking of going, went last year, or wishing you could be there – add a comment! I’m looking forward to meeting many of you at the event :)

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