Pigeon Print

Recently I was working (I work from home) and I heard a really loud impact noise, like a football being kicked really really hard against something. At the moment my desk is in the attic, I looked at the cat, but he was asleep in the same room as me and hadn’t even looked up at the noise. I set off down the house, wondering if I needed to shout at next door’s kids for kicking the ball against something … and then I saw this

Pidgeon imprint

I’m pretty sure that wasn’t there earlier – this is my landing window so you walk past it all the time. A pigeon (I’m guessing) must have flown right into the window. I got a fright – but I can’t imagine how the bird felt!

One thought on “Pigeon Print

  1. Good Pigeon print!

    I’ve had that happen to me too – accept I was sitting the other side of the window at the time… and it was single glazed.

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