Portugal and The Internet Cafe

Things may have seemed a bit quiet around here lately – that’s because I spent last week in the Algarve in southern Portugal. My sister is working in a hotel there as head nanny, I think she’s spent 8 days of 2009 in the UK so this is about the only way to get to visit her, a beach holiday!

Despite the holiday I still had a lot on my to-do list so I took my netbook with me, and got my sister to show me the local internet cafe – it was a great place and worthy of mention, so thanks very much to Hugo Beaty in Praia Da Luz for a stable connection and good coffee :) It was good enough to work from, I almost wished I’d gone for longer and not taken holiday (I telecommute, nobody would notice!)

If anyone is interested, there are a few photos in a flickr set of the trip.

3 thoughts on “Portugal and The Internet Cafe

  1. Lovely! There’s an awesome internet cafĂ© in the block next to my parent’s apartment block in Tenerife. I so need to geta tele-commute job and work out there for a bit :-)

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