Trainer Lacing

I play a lot of sport, and wear almost exclusively Asics trainers (sneakers if you like the other kind of English) to do so. In fact I only wear one pair of trainers, to the gym, to classes and for netball – which might be a mistake. One pair of trainers used to make my toes go dead sometimes, usually when running. A woman I was playing netball with at the time re-laced my trainers and that stopped the problem. My new trainers are giving me the same problem, and luckily I was able to dig out those old ones and copy the lacing – so here it is for posterity (and for next time I have this problem and can’t remember how to do it).

Trainer Re-lacing
Lace the bottom of the shoe as usual, then with 2 holes to go, thread down into the shoe.

Trainer Re-lacing
Come up through the top hole on the opposite side.

Trainer Re-lacing
Staying on the same side, go back inwards through the hole you just missed out.

Trainer Re-lacing
Finally, thread each end through the loop on the outside of the opposite side of the shoe (see why I included pictures? This is tricky to explain)

I’m not sure why this works for me, I have a high instep so perhaps it relieves pressure on a key point? Anyway, if this works for you, or if you have any tips – leave a comment!

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