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I haven’t posted about the house for ages, mostly because I haven’t been around enough to do much with this project at all! Some months ago (July to be precise) I moved out of the bedroom I use as an office here and into an attic, so we could redecorate the office. To cut a rather long story short, After several holes in walls and other such carrying-on, I’m finally back into my office!

We went from this (you can’t really see how nasty the grey paint was or how much the previous wallpaper pattern was showing through)

Surprisingly this happened:
Magnificent ? In His Flying Machine

Less surprisingly, this happened (my house is > 100 years old, brick internal walls throughout, and sometimes the plaster has got tired of hanging on!)
Hole in the Wall

Now that corner looks more like this:
New Office

And my desk is back where it should be, yay!
Office Update

Thanks to everyone who offered to help with hanging wallpaper in response to us struggling so much to make this happen – it was our first time hanging wallpaper but that wasn’t the hard part. This project stalled badly due to a combination of lack of time on my part and the sheer volume of prep needed on a house this age which has been neglected! Thankfully my parents came for lunch last weekend and pushed us in the right direction with a combination of instructions and practical help :)

7 thoughts on “New Office

  1. Yay does that mean my bedroom is ready for me…!?! hehe wallpaper looks great and like the curtains too! Good choice! Miss you x x x

  2. Caity: Miss you too. And yes, that does mean there is more space for a visitor!

    Jon: Thanks, yeah I’m glad we did it although if I’d known how long it would take I’m not sure I’d have started …

  3. Nice work. Amazing how different a room can feel when you’ve got it looking the way you want it to. I’m in a similar situation to you – we’ve just bought an old-ish (1905) and somewhat neglected house and are in the process of redecorating throughout, including an office/bedroom. The joys of learning to put up wallpaper lie ahead :-)

  4. Wallpaper actually isn’t too bad, once you’ve done it once, so get someone to come and teach you. The key is in getting the wall nice and flat first and then not rushing it. My top tip: you can never have too much paste!!

  5. At one time I wrote about little else than the house on this blog, but these days its a pretty rare occurrence. However this weekend marks three years since we bought this place and moved in, and it does begin to feel like a home. In fact the house is a

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