Accessing the Magento Web API

I’ve been working with the Magento Web API lately, and the first problem I ran into was actually getting access to it. Contrary to its reputation, I found some perfectly good documentation outlining how to connect to the service and use it. I thought I was on to a winner but I kept seeing:

Fatal error: Uncaught SoapFault exception: [2] Access denied.

Further investigation led me to this forum post – web services are separate users and you must first set them up through the admin screens – and make sure also to allocate roles to them.

The slight pitfall at this point is that you create a username and an API key – these then become the apiUser and apiKey variables mentioned in the documentation. The key is basically a password, its starred out in the settings and you have to enter it twice. Now I know that, I can log in to my service! Hope this helps someone else get to the point faster than I did.

5 thoughts on “Accessing the Magento Web API

  1. “contrary to its reputation” LOL… you have not passed the river yet but just playing with the API. that reputation is very well deserved

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