Dutch PHP Conference: Call for Papers Now Open

There is an announcement over on the DPC (Dutch PHP Conference) website – their Call for Papers is now open (so go submit!). What’s remarkable about this announcement is that I wrote it, and its signed with my name and the words “Your host this year” … yes, I’m hosting DPC.

I’m pretty excited about this, I love getting involved with events and I also love DPC as an event, so together these are pretty special. DPC is organised by my employers, Ibuildings – so I actually get paid to get involved with this conference, which is pretty cool :) The submissions have already started coming in to the call for papers and the quality and variety of the talks, from people I know well and others I’ve never heard of, is staggering. I’m hoping that this trend continues right through until the CfP closes on 31st January. The task of choosing the tasks will be very difficult but we have a panel of selectors ready to step up to the challenge – and I’m already excited about how good this year’s event is going to be!

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