PHPUnconference Comes to Manchester

I’m very excited to hear that the PHPUnConference Europe (@phpuceu on twitter) is coming to Manchester on February 19th and 20th! So excited, in fact, that I’ve rushed out and bought my ticket (for a whole £40, that’s a good investment in my opinion). The event brings together the PHP community from across Europe to an unconference where the speakers are the presenters, and really anything goes!

A great feature is the contributions and interests section – if there’s some content that would be particularly useful to you, or a talk you think would be a good fit, then you add it on this page. All the attendees can vote for which sessions we want to see and so we crowd-source the best lineup possible :)

If you fancy some more structured PHP training then hang around in Manchester after the event because thePHPcc are bringing their PHP Days training to Manchester on the Monday and Tuesday following the weekend event, which is pretty exciting :)

Hope to see you in Manchester, all I need to do now is work out which topics I want to see/give talks about …

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