PHP North West 2011

We might still be in the thick of the summer conference season, but there’s an event coming up this autumn which has me very excited: PHP North West 2011.

This is a regional PHP conference based in Manchester, UK, and I’ve been involved with it since it began (I’m surprised to find this is our fourth edition, it still feels like a shiny new adventure!). This year the dates are 8th and 9th of October and with an added tutorial day on the Friday, it is bigger (and of course better) than ever. In case you missed the announcements, here are the main things you need to know:

Call For Papers

There’s only a few days left on the call for papers; it closes on Sunday 12th June and we want 30- or 60-minute proposals from anyone with something to say about PHP. We’ve got more slots to fill this year than ever so I hope you’ll submit and make our job of choosing talks as difficult as ever!

Tutorial Day

We’ve added a tutorial day this year on Friday 7th October, to give people the chance to sit down with the various experts gathered in Manchester for the main conference. The lineup is pretty special: Rob Allen on ZF2, Arne Blankerts on Security, Stu Herbert on Component Architectures, Marcus Deglos on Drupal Performance, and I’m also giving a Web Services tutorial (I’ll post about that separately, I’m too excited to fit it into this entry!). So if you fancy spending some time geeking out with the experts on their specialist topics, do join us – the tickets include the main conference as well so if you’re coming for Friday then do stay and make the most of the weekend!


For attendees, the tickets are on sale already and we have a special “blind bird” price available with tickets at £72, which for a day and a half of this standard of conference is about the best value you’ll see anywhere. Be quick though, that price only lasts until we publish the schedule, so you’ve got about a week!

Whether you’re speaking, attending or you want to get in as a sponsor, I cannot wait for this event to start and I look forward to seeing you in Manchester!

4 thoughts on “PHP North West 2011

  1. Might end up being too late in the year by a month or so, want to be there early enough to experience a late summer.

    Besides, we both know I’d just end up in the loo half the night anyway.

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