PHP Static Analysis Tool Usage

Last week I tweeted a poll with the question “Which PHP static analysis tools do you regularly use?”. These are the results:
Static Analysis Tools Poll Results (phpcs 81%, phpmd 59%, phpcpd 59%, phploc 41%, phpdpd 48%)

My interest was mostly because I’m working on a book chapter which includes some static analysis content, and there are a couple of these tools that I include in my own builds, but I don’t do much with the output of them. However I didn’t want to drop anything from the chapter if it was actually a valuable tool and I was just missing the point – pretty much all the tools got a good number of votes though, so I’ll be covering all of the above. It does look as if phploc has less of a following, however it’s one of my favourite tools so it gets a mention anyway!

Thanks to everyone who took the time to vote; I thought I’d share the results in case anyone was interested.

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