RepRap Masterclass

I spent last weekend in lovely Bath, but I didn’t get to see much of it as I spent all three days building a RepRap, or Replicating Rapid Prototype. This is a 3D printer that can print plastic into any shape you can think of (and some that I definitely didn’t). The Masterclass was organised by EMakerShop and brought together a bunch of people with ties to the local area who are all active in the project itself.

Our weekend went from this:
Reprap Frame

To this:
Finished Board: Top

And finally, to this:
RepRap: Print In Progress

It was great having so many helpers, creators, improvers and contributors there, and we enjoyed just hanging out and being geeky with the other folk there. Now the 3D printer is home and mostly still working, we’re wondering what to print next – luckily there is always thingiverse for inspiration!

4 thoughts on “RepRap Masterclass

    • Wow, that looks like it’s coming along. Did you make all those wooden pieces yourself?? I’d offer to print you the bits you need but I’m not sure ours is printing accurately enough for that yet …

      • Yep! There’s only 7 different types of blocks in 4 lengths, so it’s pretty easy to cut and drill them in groups with a few minutes to change the setup between each block type.

        It’s based on the RepRap 1×2 design, modified a bit. I don’t know if it’ll work yet :)

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