My Winter Wedding

Although I usually write only about technology on this blog, it’s still a personal site and I have some news that I absolutely must share: I got married!!!! I’ve been waiting for the official photos before I wrote this post (“pics or it didn’t happen”, as the saying goes) so here is the evidence:

On the stairs

For anyone who hasn’t been keeping track, I’ve been dating the same man for a very, very, VERY long time. Kevin and I met at university and were friends for a while first before we started to date – in 2000, when I was 19. We went on to obtain matching “his and hers” degrees (we actually both have a 2:1 MEng in Electronic and Computer Engineering from York, graduating in the same year!), and both graduated and moved to Oxfordshire to pursue careers in software. Since then we’ve moved more times than I care to think of, bought a house together (on the fourth attempt – I’ve been blogging long enough that you can read about that if you like), and basically grown up a lot.

The wedding was arranged at relatively short notice – I surprised everyone including myself by proposing and we were married precisely 10 weeks later (it is absolutely possible to organise a wedding on that kind of turnaround. Be decisive and remember that actually, only a few things are really important). Neither of us really likes crowds or being the centre of attention so we’d always thought that a wedding wasn’t for us … I am so glad now that we realised we could do it any way we wanted!

The "Everyone" Photo

So we had a small gathering, at a lovely venue local to our home in Leeds, with immediate family and a couple of friends, and a wonderful meal. We kept the elements of the traditional wedding that we wanted to – a best man, bridesmaids, the dress, the photographers, the rings. The things that don’t mean anything to us, we just eliminated – speeches, dancing, large numbers of people.

Walk in the Park

Roundhay Mansion sits in a lovely park in Leeds and it’s a place we visit often. Despite getting married in January in Yorkshire, the weather was nice enough for a few outside photos. Admittedly it was *freezing* but the cloak you see in the pictures was pure wool and I was also wearing woolly socks and my “wedding wellies” under my dress so those (and perhaps the excitement and the champagne) meant I was warm enough even if nobody else was :)

“Happy ever after” seems like a lot to ask, especially when things have run so smooth for us so far, but I am wishing for the grace, wisdom, and small dose of luck that will allow us to negotiate all the twists and turns that lie on the path ahead of us.

10 thoughts on “My Winter Wedding

  1. Well, seen as I seem to be first here, congratulations! The photos look amazing, and I’m exceptionally impressed (although not in the slightest bit surprised) at the time scale you did it all in!

    All the very best to you and Kevin; may your grace, wisdom and tiny bit of luck you wished for, be yours, whenever you need it :)

  2. Congratulations to both of you! Your ‘adjustments’ to the wedding process seem fitting. It’s a good thing that that’s where the open source / software dev / geek analogies end – although “We didn’t marry, I just send him a pull request and now we’re merged” would’ve been hilarious too. :)

    • We had some geek moments – I walked up the aisle to the theme from Fairy Fountain, from Zelda. Hoping nobody tells my mum!

  3. Depends if your Mum reads you blog ;)

    Seriously, it all looks fabulous. Your sister’s flowers are stunning and what great photographs. Although ours is going to be a larger affair, I agree about the being decisive bit. I’ve wasted far too much time trawling the web for “inspiration” when in fact you really do just know it when you see it.

    See you in June!!

  4. This will come as no surprise to you Lorna but I have never read a blog before. However, having seen on fb that you had blogged (correct term?) about your wedding I thought I’d have a look. What a lovely write-up of what sounds like a lovely day – congratulations!

  5. Hi Lorna! This is awesome news and I’d like to take the opportunity to congratulate both you and Kevin, and wish you all the best. Also, I LOL’d on the thought that you’ve walked up the aisle to a song from Zelda, that’s bloody hilarious. Very nice pictures too, everything looks excellent.


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