Talking about ZCE at PHPNW March

If you’re interested in becoming a Zend Certified Engineer and are local enough to make it to the next PHP North West User Group meeting on Tuesday, 5th March in Manchester (UK), then come along! I’ll be giving a talk and welcoming questions and discussion around becoming ZCE, why you might bother, what is involved, some tips for the exam itself, and pointers to resources to help you (yes the slides will be online afterwards, check the “resources” section on my site on Wednesday ish).

The details are on the Upcoming page for the event, see you on Tuesday 5th!

One thought on “Talking about ZCE at PHPNW March

  1. I have been seriously thinking about ZCE for the last month or so now and trying to weigh up whether to try for it or not. I just found out about PHPNW today and now that I know this will be the topic of the next meet up I’ll definitely be attending! Sounds great :)

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