ZCE Preparation Pack

tl;dr version: the ZCE Preparation Pack is now available from Leanpub https://leanpub.com/zce costing $30.

I’ve been running a preparation course for the Zend Certified Engineer exam for many years now.  Once upon a time it was possible to buy a pack of sample exams and I used them myself when preparing for certification and also recommended them for all my students.  Unfortunately this resource became unavailable and so I created a sample exam to use with my own course …. and then (after some nagging!) made it generally available.

I’ve now relaunched the pack on a new platform (for boring regulatory reasons); its new home is on Leanpub which is a fantastic platform for authors, offering markdown authoring, github integration, and many other awesome features.  Perhaps more importantly, it also offers great features for readers: a 45-day money back guarantee and automatic updates to any book you have bought.

If you’re thinking of improving your skills by studying for ZCE or considering upgrading your certification to the current version (PHP 5.5), this pack will help you to prepare.  It includes:
– Advice on what to expect on the day
– One exam’s worth (70) of questions in the style of the ZCE
– Answers with explanations, worked examples, and resources for further study

Help yourself get ready for ZCE: https://leanpub.com/zce

5 thoughts on “ZCE Preparation Pack

    • There isn’t a book that covers it all neatly, so you’ll need to go looking for books that cover the topics you want to study more closely. Some topics are well covered in PHP Master (disclaimer: I wrote that with my co-authors and good friends Matt Turland and Davey Shafik) but I also maintain a links bundle to blog posts and other online resources that I would recommend for these topics, you can find a link to that in the ZCE pack itself or in the footer of my site. Hope that helps!

    • If you know the differences between PHP 5 and PHP 7, it’s probably still good prep. It’s the question styles that surprise people in ZCE, more than the actual content.

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