Sewing Machine Cover

I don’t blog about craft projects all that often, if you have this post in your feed and didn’t want it, then try my “tech” feed specifically rather than all of the blog posts (recommended as I will be blogging a few non-tech things in the coming months). Anyway, I love to make things, code or otherwise, and since I’m not travelling a lot at the moment, I have time to make things AND to write about them. Today: my new sewing machine cover!

New Sewing Machine Cover

This was a basic geometry problem, although I did also read some tutorials like this one to get some tips. The fabric is from Ikea, and I basically measured the machine, added seam and hem allowances, and hoped for the best! Creating the slot for the handle was hard and it’s not perfect (it’s also not in the middle of the machine which doesn’t help). The sides are wider at the bottom than the top which I knew would throw the maths out slightly but not enough for me to actually calculate it (this is why we teach children number sense!). I also got most of the way through and THEN decided I needed a pocket on the side for the pedal.

Pedal Pocket

It’s a “box pocket” and it’s pretty excellent! Of course the weight of the pedal pulls the whole thing to one side but hey, I love it anyway :) This project took about a day all told (quick rewards are my favourite) and perhaps I’ll even sew more often with such a well-dressed sewing machine to work with?

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