Connecting PHP to MySQL on Bluemix

Most of the PHP I write runs on Bluemix – it’s IBM self-service cloud, and since I work there, they pay for my accounts :) There are a bunch of databases you can use there, mostly open source offerings, and of course with PHP I like to use MySQL. Someone asked me for my connection code since it’s a bit tricky to grab the credentials that you need, so here it is. Continue reading

Lorna’s Bluemix Cheatsheet

I work for IBM which means I get to play with Bluemix, their cloud platform. I use this mostly from the commandline as the tools are great and I find it the easiest way to work – but I keep having to look up the commands I need so here’s my cheatsheet covering the stuff I use the most. It’s here for me to refer to easily but if it’s helpful to you too, then great! Continue reading