Working with Web Services – Froscon 2010

This weekend I’m at froscon in Germany, giving two talks. One had no slides (but may have video, if I see it then I will post the link here) and the other was “Working with Web Services” which I gave this morning in the PHP room. My slides are here:

Thanks to the PHP room organisers for accepting me as a speaker and to Sebastian for twisting my arm in the first place – it’s a fun event!

Speaking at FrOSCon

In August I’ll be attending FrOSCon in Germany for the first time, and speaking there. It’s a mixed technology conference, with rooms set aside for separate scheduling for various projects and technologies. I’ll be speaking in the PHP room, delivering “Working With Web Services”, a talk which covers how to consume all sorts of types of web service from PHP. I’m excited about that and even more excited to hear that I’ll also be speaking in the main track, where I’ll deliver “Open Source Your Career” – stories and advice about how involvement in open source can positively influence the career path for each of us.

I haven’t visited this part of Europe before so I’m also including a couple of days to see the area, and really looking forward to the trip. Since there are technologies other than PHP, and since I’m rarely in Germany, I know I’m going to meet a lot of new people … and I can’t wait :)