Ibuildings Seminar, Leeds

My employers, Ibuildings, have been running a series of seminars where we invite a few people (and it is a few, they are generally small events), bring some of our developers along, and have some technical tutorials, demonstrations and general discussions, and some food. The previous events have all been well-received and sound very civilised (and there’s food, which is always good!)

I’m happy to announce that Ibuildings is venturing north of the Watford Gap – and the next event will be in Leeds, on the 9th September, the full details are at http://www.ibuildings.com/events/leeds. The main tutorial session will cover source control with Subversion, including advanced concepts such as merging and repository structures. We’ll also look at deployment strategies for different types of software development processes and tools that can be helpful in this area. I’m delivering the main tutorial at this event, and if that wasn’t enough incentive, I’m also bringing the nabaztag as my glamourous assistant!

We’ll be running events in a lot of other areas of the UK as well, so if you can’t make this one then watch out for more announcements or tell us where we should be running the next one! If you have any queries about any of these events then feel free to contact me, I hope I’ll see some of you in Leeds in September.