10 Things I Hate About Your API

A writeup of Amanda Folson's talk from php|tek, published on the work medium channel: https://medium.com/ibm-watson-data-lab/10-things-i-hate-about-your-api-amanda-folson-2189f0d9dc3f

API Survival Kit Workshop

The slides and "cheatsheet" resource for my FOWA tutorial. Probably only useful to people who saw the rest of the workshop though ... Slides: https://speakerdeck.com/lornajane/api-survival Reference: http://web.lornajane.net/attendee.html

Web Frontend, API Backend

ZendCon's main stage was my setting for this talk, and it was quite an experience! This talk is really a case study, showing how to build a simple API and wire it up to a basic website, and it's fun … Continue reading

Web Frontend, API Backend

This talk is really a case study of how and why you might build a website or other application out of two pieces: a frontend and a backend. This conference publishes video so that will appear in due course, but … Continue reading