Arranging a Mortgage

Well, we’ve taken the first step and been to see a few banks about getting a mortgage. I have to admit that we did stick to the big names – Halifax, HSBC and Yorkshire Building Society. My partner is a contractor with short-term contracts, which on paper makes him look quite unemployed! Yorkshire Building Society said they couldn’t recognise his income which ruled them out but the other two were very helpful.

An appointment at HSBC later [1] and we’ve got an agreement in principle for way more than we intend to borrow and its off to the estate agents.

We’ve now seen a house we like but its a bit (very) dilapidated inside so we’re just thinking of a number now and will be offering later today or tomorrow.

edit: update! see offer accepted

1 That was 29th August, 2006, for reference. We might want dates when its all over!

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