Offer Accepted

Well, we had an offer accepted on a house yesterday which is very exciting! This morning we instructed a solicitor, he will do all the legal stuff for us. I’ve also spoken with the mortgage provider and we’re off to see them on Saturday morning. We have to provide a load of paperwork like payslips, bank statements, ID and proof of address so something tells me that tomorrow night will be a frantic root through the flat to find all the relevant documents!

All in all I’m quite excited but trying not to be too excited as there is plenty of scope for it all to fall through! It will be really great to have a place of our own though – all our stuff is in storage at the moment and I can’t even remember what furniture we really have. One thing is for sure, its going to look quite lost in the new house as all our stuff was bought for a small, modern 2-bedroom terraced house. Now we’ve got a 1930s 3-bed semi and its on quite a different scale!

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