Mortgage Application

This whole house buying lark is progressing quite well, or at least it feels like it right now. Since I last posted we’ve been to the bank and made the final mortgage application, passed the final credit checks and had the thing approved. Next they send us the final paperwork to us through the post to sign. Filling in the forms was pretty tedious – as was talking about income protection provision and pensions and so on but we got there in the end.

We’ve instructed a solicitor and they sent us a big complicated letter yesterday. Actually, calling it a letter is a bit of an understatement, a novel is nearer the mark. I waded through it last night and had to sign all sorts of bits of paper about modifications made to the house, searches required and who knows what else. The language makes it seem big and complicated, but once you read through it and see past the sheer volume of paper then it isn’t too bad.

The surveys should be happening next week some time so we’re waiting for those and the searches now … fingers crossed for everything being in order!

One thought on “Mortgage Application

  1. I know what you mean about legal speak. At least your letter was all typed – the person typing it probably had an interesting time – I know, I’ve been there!

    Congrats & good luck!


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