Christmas Holiday To-Do List

Well, I’ve got almost ten days off from work and there’s a few things I’d like to sort out (in addition to the eating, drinking, being merry and lots of visiting I will also be doing!)

  • The comments box on this site – its tiny!
  • Upgrading Textpattern, disgracefully I haven’t done it yet!
  • Upgrading Textpattern for the woollyblanket site as well.
  • Writing some content for above site!
  • Looking at ideas for a website for my netball club. We need a news page, an events diary, a contact form, and some static pages with information and directions to venues and stuff. I haven’t found an open source (LAMP) solution that really fits the bill so all suggestions gratefully received. Its something they definitely need to be able to maintain without my assistance.
  • Choosing a new crochet project – I might even make something for myself.
  • Writing a long-planned mini-series for this site about small meals (I go home for lunch each day). Lots of search hits to this site revolve around food and I am a foodie … so I’m going to write more about food!
  • Removing the blogroll to a separate page of its own and putting in a little feed of recent comments instead … sometimes debates break out in the comments of a post long after I’ve posted it and it would be nice for people to be able to see the activity I think. Especially as most of my visitors are new and don’t see every article as it gets posted.
  • Writing the cringingly long-overdue review of Google Analytics and how I like it, that I promised ages ago.
  • Playing on Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. I’m almost at the Water Temple and I can’t get enough.

Now I’ve admitted my to-do list in public, maybe that will help me to actually get started on some of it! Tell me about you, what are your plans for the festive season?

5 thoughts on “Christmas Holiday To-Do List

  1. I've been choosing a new crochet project, too! :) I've narrowed it down to two ideas so far, and will take both patterns and see which I feel like trying. I'll let you know in the New Year if things went to plan as I won't have an Internet connection where we're going...

    Merry Christmas! (((hugs)))

  2. dotjay: Thanks for the vote of confidence, I actually love the comments feed and haven't missed the blogroll at all!

    As for the rest of the to-do list, well the netball club site is online at and I've certainly managed to clock up a fair few hours on Zelda. I have started writing content for woollyblanket and I've some other ideas just awaiting a rainy day. I'm stalled on that textpattern upgrade although I managed it for this site - I hacked the other one adding the user stuff so its taking a little longer. The yarn craft has been taking care of itself as you'll see if you look in the craft section and the recipe series is on its way ... still :)

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