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Suits are the friend of the office-dress-rule-constrained person. At a few places I’ve worked, its been shirt, trousers and shoes for guys, and “appropriate dress” for girls. That’s no help to anyone, its such a vague description. I want a uniform that comes in multipacks of similar pastel shades with no thought required as well!

For some reason I am significantly colder-blooded than most of my (male) colleagues. They seem to sit about in the office in shirts all year round, but after about October, I’m freezing! I’m not a big fan of knitwear as office wear – not in general, but for me personally. The soft, stretchy clothing bundles up around me and turns my curves (which never look great sitting down) into worse rolls than I really have! Jumpers and cardigans are never long enough either and they just stop at a really bad point, making me look heavier than I am.

The solution is simple: trouser suits1 are the way forward. They’re warm, comfortable, and are like wearing trousers and a coat to the office except they match. Its acceptable to wear normal t-shirts underneath a jacket. They don’t look bad with flat shoes. Actually the only downside that I can think of is that they reek slightly of power-dressing. I’m blessed with the ability to look untidy and uncoordinated in every possible situation though, so I doubt I look overdressed!

I have a series of similar black, mostly pinstriped, suits. Dorothy Perkins do a longer leg length in trousers which fits me fine. They are all machine washable and disintegrate after about two years of wearing one or two times per week each. I finally found my uniform and I’m happy … although I’m sure I would produce much better code in jeans, slippers and a pony tail :)

Does anyone else have any tips to share?

Edit: You can also read my thoughts on shoes and bags

1 Machine-washable trouser suits, to be specific.

4 thoughts on “Office Dress: Suits

  1. If I rolled up to work in a trouser suit I would be laughed at!

    I get to roll up to work in shorts, singlet top and flip flops…it’s brilliant (I’m a tomboy at heart!)

  2. My company requires “business dress” for my office. Since we are only 13 degrees off the equator I don’t normally where a jacket – too hot, but I do wear anything from khakis and a polo to slacks with a button down shirt – Just like the guys. Granted I can also where a skirt or dress every now and then – but that is usually only when I need to do my laundry :)

  3. I would dress just like the guys, trousers and a shirt, except that they seem to be warm enough and I’m freezing! I sit in the warmest spot, farthest from the air con, but still manage to be cold. Perhaps 52 degrees north of the equator isn’t a good location?

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