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We’ve recently moved into (another) new flat, and we’re just kind of settling in and unpacking. Its a rented place so we can’t do much with it – we’ve brought shelves and sidetables and stuff and that’s about all we can do. Our bedroom is cunningly arranged such that on my side of the bed, the wardrobe doors open right across the space between the bed and the wardrobe (fitted wardrobes, before anyone makes any suggestions). So I can put things by the bed temporarily, but I can’t have anything there all the time.

Now I don’t know about anyone else but I usually have a fair stack of random stuff beside my bed – reading materials, a glass of water, a lamp, my glasses, my phone, ten abandoned hair accessories, a drawer full of toiletries, spare keys, and who knows what else. Having spent a week with my belongings in a carrier bag, I started to think I needed a better solution … and here it is:

picture of the box

from another angle you can see inside too:

inside the box

I feel like a blue peter presenter but I’m just so proud of it! Its made from the box from a laptop delivery with some leftover wrapping paper from a friend’s birthday (58p from ASDA!) I couldn’t find sellotape or glue so I went for complimentary shades of electrical insulating tape (£1 for 5 reels from the pound shop) which was lying around! The tape’s not great so I didn’t make the paper go down to the floor as the box is going to live under the bed and get slid in and out quite a lot, it might not stand up for long with flimsy paper and not-very-sticky tape.

Anyway I feel like I live here now and the box is already full of the odds and ends. All I need now is a light I can clip onto the bed frame …

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