Weekday Carbonara

This week we kind of ran out of food … so here’s my recipe for improvised spaghetti something.

Dice two chicken breasts and place in a frying pan over a moderate heat with some oil.

While the chicken starts to brown, chop up a few slices of bacon into little bits (I use scissors which seems to work well), and put the kettle on for the spaghetti.

Make cheese sauce, and put the bacon in with the chicken once the chicken has started to brown.

Put the spaghetti on to cook (you need to do this earlier on if its not quick-cook!), and when the chicken and bacon is cooked take it off the heat.

Put the cheese sauce in the microwave for its final minute and drain the spaghetti, returning it to the pan. Throw the chicken and bacon in on top and pour over the cheese sauce. Stir and serve.

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