Death of a Gadget

I commented on an article about music player technology, saying how much I liked my Packard Bell AudioKey and how simple it was.

Well its died, and the search is on for a replacement (no I can’t wait for Christmas!), So far I’m interested in the iriver players, and the main requirements are 512Mb or more, a USB connection and no drivers needed – since I dock it in all sorts of different places and different operating systems.

I’ll let you know what I choose but suggestions are greatfully received, any ideas?

3 thoughts on “Death of a Gadget

  1. I’ve just got (actually I bought it in July but it’s only just arrived) a Samsung YP-MT6, which is a 1GB MP3 player about the size of my thumb, which takes a AA battery, is a Mass Storage device with USB connection and seems pretty well specced and sounds reasonable. The battery lasts forever (great for me as I’m not always near a power supply) but the drawback for you is that it needs a USB-MiniUsb cable to dock to a PC. It also appears to be discontinued. Mine came from Aria and cost £45, but you might get one on Ebay…

  2. Oh, let me know how you get on with the Samsung – I’ve heard good things about them. I’ve actually bought myself a Logik 2GB thing, the cheapest player in Dixons at 35 GBP for 2GB. It has the mini-usb limitation and an internal battery that I’m not sure about but it will keep me in music for now and I will keep looking for a “proper” replacement. Maybe in the January sales?

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