Survey Saga

The house1 survey has arrived – hurrah! Actually very good service and much quicker than I expected so thumbs up to the surveyor. But its bad news ….

They can’t value the house until its been structurally surveyed, properly looked at by a roofing contractor and had its electrics certified. It needs repointing and reroofing. Never mind the list of ‘significant matters’ which follow, including chimneys not capped, boilers incorrectly installed, guttering needing replacement, damp proof courses bridged and the garage in a pretty poor state of repair!

So, no idea where we go from here, certainly we can afford to walk away and that’s always going to be an option. Right now I feel like a clueless person who picks totally rubbish houses!

1 If you’re not following the story perhaps you would like to read the back issues

3 thoughts on “Survey Saga

  1. (((more hugs)))

    Oh, and I thought I’d mention that you’re not as clueless as me. My dad said that my dream house (gorgeous place near where my parents live) is structurally unsound. :(

    I can still dream, though…

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