House: The Sequel

This post is a few days overdue but we’ve bought a house! You can read the saga of the last time we had an offer accepted if you like.

The house has three bedrooms, a garage, and gardens back and front. Its a decent size, has original fireplaces in the bedrooms and has had its kitchen and dining room knocked into one which is great. Its been rewired and has central heating and double glazing.

Its early days yet though – the survey happens on Monday.

2 thoughts on “House: The Sequel

  1. fairyJo, thanks for the vote of confidence. I will keep updating here are things start to move and of course you can expect an invite to the housewarming … probably January sometime. If anyone else wants to gatecrash then ask me nicely and I might add you to the guest list – its probably not a great plan to post a general invite online :)

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