Christmas Crochet

In case anyone didn’t follow the conversation, my friend fairyJo has learned to crochet from some instructions in my baby blanket post. Wondering what she might do next, here are some ideas for the season:

How about a crochet snowflake ? Actually I might have to try one of these out myself!

Another easy Christmas gift is a scarf. Personally I have had good success with a lacy stitch on a big hook as it grows quite quickly and can be finished in time! I’ll see if I can find a good pattern link to post!

10 thoughts on “Christmas Crochet

  1. Wow, some of those snowflakes look really good! :) I might try having a go, if I can understand the instructions, lol! Will let you know how I fare.

    Also, I had another look at your post about the daisy scarf you made. I’d love to make something like that – how long did it take?

  2. The daisy scarf actually didn’t take too long once I got sorted out making the flower squares, but its quite loopy and fiddly. The pattern was from a “Simply Knitting” magazine, I can lend it to you if you like.

    What might be easier (and just as pretty) is a scarf of granny squares. If you have some crochet books then look up “granny square” and that will show you how to make the basic square … then join the squares together in a line and you have a scarf! The granny square is a very easy shape to make and you can join them together in loads of different ways – if you have seen the blue/turquoise blanket at my house, that was made of those. You can make quite big and colourful things out of little simple squares!

    If you want fairy-proof instructions let me know and I’ll post you some :)

  3. Yes please! Fairy-friendly instructions for a scarf would be fab, and, also, if you were able to come up with fairy-friendly instructions for some snowflake earrings like the ones linked to on the site you mention, that’d be brilliant. They look so nice!

    I did have a try making them today, but got rather, um, lost. I also think I need a smaller crochet hook, but can sort that out tomorrow.

    Instead of making earrings, though, I tried experimenting with my own crochet patterns. I didn’t keep the attempts, but they’ve given me ideas for some interesting gift ideas. :)

    Thanks for all your help!

  4. FairyJo, sorry to leave you talking to yourself for a couple of days, I’ve been at my mum’s house helping her to decorate … learning a few skills for when we have a home of our own too :)

    Crochet earrings sound quite fiddly, I’m going to try some of the crochet snowflake patterns in the next couple of days though. Apparently you can get fabric stiffener which makes them hard enough to hang up and stay flat on their own so I shall experiment and let you know.

    Your granny squares are fabulous, thanks for posting me the link to those! I may have mentioned this already but I can’t quite believe how quickly you’ve taken to crochet.

  5. I talk to myself all the time, lol! :P

    I can’t get the hang of the snowflake earrings (they are very fiddly!!), but I have a few other earring patterns that I’m trying. If I’m successful, I’ll let you know! :)

    I’m really enjoying crochet, but I think the only reason I’m learning it so quickly is because of all the free time I currently have. I also have a sneaking suspicion that my technique needs improving, because I’ve now got a small blister on my right index finger from crocheting all weekend…

  6. There’s some people having a crochet-along for a snowflake blanket if you fancy that, its I don’t think I have time as we are moving house but it does look good and snuggly. The best thing about these afghan blankets is they’re made of squares, so you don’t have to cart it around with you and if you get fed up you can just make a couple of cushions out of the squares instead.

  7. I tried out a couple of those crochet patterns from the free links list. Here is the “first snowflake pattern”: I tried:


    I also had a shot at “another pattern”: , the end result doesn’t look like their picture, maybe because I haven’t blocked it yet:


    The second one is really pretty – not sure why its not looking too great in the photo! It measures a good six inches across as well!

    Both have instructions in american notation (see my rant about “crochet dialects”:/posts/2007/crochet-dialects for a bit more background) so approach with care – I can translate them if needs be.

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