Knitted Scarf/Wrap

I’ve knitted a scarf! This is news because I although I like crochet and learned to knit as a child, I’m really not a very good knitter. This pattern was hardly knitting though. Its made with silly wool (Sirdar Frizz) and knitted on broom handles! OK so actually they were 20mm knitting needles, but broom handles would have done just as well.

Each row is thirty stitches and its all “knit”. It is so quick to knit up, because the stitches are so big! Its a multipurpose garmet which can be worn as a scarf or as a wrap, I’ve tried to photograph it a few different ways but you still don’t get a real sense of how drapey and soft it is!

scarf wrap


The idea came from a pattern in the Simply Knitting magazine, although I didn’t use the suggested yarn. Mine had bigger “bits” hanging off it and as a result of that or my tension, I needed three balls of Fizz to make the scarf. The final result measures 68 inches on scarf setting and about 29 inches by 46 in wrap mode.

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