The Wool Shop

I have recently moved to Leeds and am slowly starting to find my way around and build up some local knowledge. A very important ingredient in this process is my discovery that there is a great wool shop near where I live. Its so good in fact, that I have to recommend it to anyone who likes wool (or old-fashioned shops!).

The shop is at:

S & D Woodhead
Wool Shop, Wingate Junction, Tong Road, Leeds, West Yorkshire LS12 4NQ
Tel: 0113 263 8383

From the outside it looks quite big, however when you go in the shop part is really small. You have to have a chat with the lady behind the counter about what you want and she will disappear off and come back with some suggestions. There are big sacks of discounted wool, often just a couple of balls, and everyone is welcome to rummage (but be warned that you will get filthy in the process!)

I wasn’t sure what I was looking for and got some good advice while I was there as well as some very patient service. I discovered that they don’t take cards and I didn’t have a lot of cash on me (I’m 25, my generation lives by plastic!), I was sold enough material to start the project and the rest has been put aside with my name of for me to collect when I need it – and by that time I’ll have a good idea of how much of each type of yarn I’ll need as well.

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