the trouble with being tall

I’m tall. Not landmark-sized but well above the average for a woman (5’11’). My role model is Allison Janney who is taller than me again and interviews wonderfully on the subject of tall women. I’d like to outline the main points of having this personal feature.

Good Points

  • Not many people can tower over you without standing on something
  • People assume you are confident, which is useful if you wanted them to assume this (such as at a job interview), but can be a pain the rest of the time
  • It helps on a netball court
  • People don’t have to stoop to hear what you are saying

Bad Points

  • Its very hard to hide behind another girl
  • When holding an umbrella and walking in the rain, unless the rain falls vertically, your feet are still going to get wet because there’s so much space between the umbrella and the floor
  • If you wear women’s clothing, you risk looking like you are either a cross-dresser or a teenager that grew too quickly
  • If you wear men’s clothing, you will actually look like a man
  • If you go to specialist shops to get clothes to fit (rather than marginally longer leg lengths), you will spend a lot of money on clothes
  • Pretty shoes are never pretty by the time they are big enough to get your feet into
  • It is very difficult to buy ladies’ gloves to fit
  • When you are growing up, you are going to spend 5 years being 6-12 inches taller than any of your dates

The bad list is longer than the good list, but I wouldn’t swap my height for anything!

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