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Until now, I’ve avoided blogging about work in pretty much any way. I’ve written about technical stuff that have come up at work but I haven’t written about much beyond that sphere, and even that is only so that I don’t have to hunt for the information next time I run into the same thing and so that others can find the information in the event that google ever admit to having heard of me. I am blogging under my real name (more or less) and I’ve heard enough horror stories of people getting dooced to be shy of this topic.

Until now.

In this day and age, work is a big part of our lives. When I socialise with friends, we mostly talk about who we are and what we do – our occupation is our profession and forms a big chunk of our entire identity. Certainly it is a large portion of who we are today – our selves without the bit that comes from how we got here and so mostly takes account of what we are currently making of life.

Its strange that this subject eludes discussion here, in our household we’ve had more than our fair share of employment-related excitement over the last year – including redundancy, contracting, unemployment and a 200-mile relocation. As an issue, work/jobs/employment/career has never been very far from my consciousness.

So my new resolve is to stop being hung up about this, to write in the abstract about work in relevance to our lives, and to never ever rant about any current workplace, colleagues or customers. Wish me luck!

One thought on “About Blogging About Work

  1. I agree about it being strange blogging about current working situations. Sometimes you can get around that by being more abstract about things. Such as “I once had a coworker who did this.” Change some little details to make people think it is some other job and some other person.

    Personally, I also avoid blogging about the day job because it is often a downer. I’d rather give off positive vibes and focus on things I enjoy than air the dirty laundry. :)

    The beautiful thing about blogs is that you can make anything out of them that you want. Your writing is really cool, keep it up!

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