BarCampLeeds Recap

I did it! I went and spoke at BarCampLeeds, there’s flickr evidence to prove it as well :)

My talk was “Source Control Saves Lives”, a primer on what source control and why you should use it, with a definite subversion twist because that’s what I know the most about and I’m not a fan of talking about stuff I don’t know about! For posterity, here are the slides – I haven’t done any presentations for years and I couldn’t remember how to work powerpoint svn_saves_lives.ppt

I borrowed Kevin’s mac and downloaded the demo of iWork. Its a 30 day trial and after its expired I can still use it as a player. Which is excellent as using the mac remote in the talk worked really well and got around the awkward layout of the room I was allocated.

The event as a whole was fabulous – I met some amazing new people and have a stack of business cards of people to email and catch up with. I don’t have my own cards which is proving really awkward at this kind of event, perhaps I will get some in the future when I’m attending something like this since they’re not expensive. The new contacts I made could turn out to be really interesting in a whole load of ways – and the free beer and chatter with like-minded people was very welcome as well. Talking over experiences and projects with others has left me refreshed and inspired, in a way I didn’t expect. What more could a girl want?

12 thoughts on “BarCampLeeds Recap

  1. Nice to meet you yesterday and your presentation looks good – sorry I missed it! Do you know if that chap with the digital camera was in your talk videoing it as it might give me some ideas for persuading my team of the benefits of subversion.

  2. Wotchca :) thanks for the intro to WII tennis. tho i was totally appalling my team still managed to play 2 win 2 lol.

    whats button A again :)

    gonna put much thought to your seo problems… still thinking long tail is the way to go for you. and looking for the microwave cheese recipe!

  3. Mike: I have just heard there is a video, I’ll keep you posted on that (I feel the need to censor it before I promise it to anyone!).

    Mark: Glad you enjoyed the Wii :) I will be interested to hear your suggestions on my SEO situation – I’ve no desperate need for more traffic but I’d like to understand the traffic patterns on my site much better. I think blogs in general are a different beast to your normal website.

  4. Partway through your presentation you mentioned websvn. Not knowing what it was (but hoping it was what I wanted), I went and searched for it, and it does do what I want!

    So the one brilliant thing I brought away from the weekend was websvn.. with all my college work on it.

    Just wanted to pop you a note to say many thanks!

  5. Hey Lorna – thanks for coming out and also contributing to the day…I’m glad you enjoyed it :)

    Watch out for BarCamp Leeds 2008 in the Spring :)

  6. Very excited and happy to see you getting more recognition on the ‘track’ for doing these community things Lorna, well done!

    Shame there isn’t a video. It is always interesting to compare different styles of delivery. Particularly where there is a good personality behind the material…

    Maybe next year some enterprising soul will hook in a syncronised audio feed to the presentations?


  7. Imran: I’ll watch out for that, thanks for the heads-up!

    Mark: Hello, thanks for stopping in. There is a video, its still being edited, not sure if I’m going to publish it here or just say people can have a copy if they ask me. Either way its going to be good to be able to pass the video around and get some feedback on my first ever talk.

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