A Winter’s Wrap

Thought I’d show off my most recent crochet creation as I haven’t been keeping the site up-to-date with stuff lately. I received an invite to a Christmas Ball from a friend in the Army, and accepted. My summer ballgown (I slimmed back into the pink one mum made – yay!) was going to be a bit chilly at a winter ball so I thoughtit would be good to have something to throw over the top.

A half-hour conference in the wool shop saw me with some Dolce Vita by Wendy in shade 499, no idea what its called but it looks white to me, with slightly fluffy sparkly bits. I saw this pattern on Dot’s site and thought I’d have a shot:

And the stitches in detail:

While working a small prototype I decided to add extra non-pattern rows into mine, so I have half the shell patterns that hers does. The finished article is 76 inches from wingtip to wingtip and about 18 across. It would have been longer but I basically ran out of time – I was still putting the border on it at the pre-event drinking session :)

7 thoughts on “A Winter’s Wrap

  1. Thanks! I found the funky yarn in a local shop at a cheap price, and bought it because it looked pretty. Then I chose to take it on holiday with me to see if it would suit any of the patterns I also took, and I really like how it all worked out! :)

    Not sure what to make next… what’s your current project, or is it a secret?

  2. Its no secret at all and in fact my current projects are so numerous that I’ve been seriously considering adding an OTN (On The Needles) section to this site! At the moment its:

    crochet string basket

    knitted “big wool” bag with the rest of the pink, its fabulous and has beading and cabling. I’ve done the interesting bit and now need to knit the back of it.

    a crochet turtle (pattern from http://www.roxycraft.com)

    not started but soon will be, fingerless gloves. I’ve bought gorgeous cashmere wool in aran weight to make this pattern from knitty.com – but they’re cabled and knitted on a set of double-pointed needles so there’s some quite scary stuff in that project

    technically I’m part way through a crocheted cushion but its slow going and quite boring so to be honest I might reclaim the yarn and think of something else.

    I’ve also got that white crochet bag you’ve seen to line before it becomes actually useful. And later in the year I will be knitting many baby things as there will be a new arrival in the extended family :)

    As for your next project I think there are some definite options. Its the season for mittens and hats, mine were knitted but there are good crochet patterns out there as well and chunky wool projects grow fast. Or how about something I saw few months ago in Simply Knitting? A crochet cushion, where you make a granny square but do each row in a new colour and just keep adding more and more rounds to it until its the right size. You would need to sew though as it needs a back and also a lining for the front … let me know what you choose.

  3. Don’t know how I missed this comment, sorry! Sounds like you’ve been really busy! :) I like the photos in your recent posts.

    As for what I’ll make next, I’ve been thinking about it for a while, but now my Mum seems to have decided for me, lol! Will explain soon when my birthday photos are ready…

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