Rowan Big Wool Mittens

I can’t really knit. I must have been able to once; I knitted toy snowmen as christmas presents for my friends when I lived at home. But its something that I can’t just pick up and potter along with like I can crochet. For my birthday I received hobbhy craft vouchers (thanks Kath and Geoff!) and the “Stitch and Bitch: Knitters Handbook” which has a lot of tips about picking up dropped stitches as well as really clear instructions for every knit stitch I’m going to need for a while.

So when I wandered into hobbycraft and they had six balls of Rowan Big Wool in “whoosh” (that’s funky pink to you and me), I decided they must have had my name on! Here are the first fruits of my knitting revival ….

This doesn’t really do them justice though, so here’s an alternative presentation, they’re still cooler than this one shows them though!

Watch this space for matching items to appear :)

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