Big Wool Bag

The good news is that I’m nearly at the end of my pink big wool stash, so there might be some less-matching items appearing here soon. However today I’d like to show off the bag that I’ve made to go with the mittens and the hat.

The pattern for this bag was taken from Emma King’s 25 Bags To Knit Book , here it is:

A closeup of one of the cables with a bead in the middle (I’d never cabled before so I am very proud of myself!)

As a finishing touch and to keep the bag in shape, I decided to add a lining. Thanks to Jess for “lending me her sewing machine” … actually she just sewed the lining for me :) Here’s a peep at the lining:

Now I have a dilemma. Can I reasonably wander around with bag, mittens and earflap hat which all match … ?

2 thoughts on “Big Wool Bag

    this is the entry I posted yday but forgot to submit:
    Wow, I love the bag I can’t believe you made that it’s wicked. I dare you to wear all three pink things together :) actually I think it would look pretty cool. matching items are in :)

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