Coldspring Mill

I haven’t lived in Leeds very long and I’m hearing about new places to go all the time. One of the girls from the “Leeds Knitterati” knitting group that meets in Starbucks in Leeds had told me about Coldspring Mill – its the other side of Bradford and has a camping and wool shop.

Well we went today and it was a lovely day out – it feels like spring today and the scenery is amazing, its hard to believe we’re so close to Leeds/Bradford when we’re there. The place itself was really nice – some good outdoor gear and camping basics. Its not huge but its fine. The wool shop is downstairs and it has lots of mysterious seconds of “designer wools”, they can’t advertise what it was supposed to be but you can guess some of the time.

There is also a tea room at which we had a very nice lunch – they do real meals as well as toasties, sandwiches and so on.

I got 350g of (I suspect Debbie Bliss) DK cashmere in a kind of mauve so I’m open to suggestions for what I might do with that!

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