New Camera

We bought a new camera yesterday. Kevin has a good digital camera but its quite big and now quite old. He saw that Jessop’s was having a sale so we went and looked … we’ve now got a fujifilm finepix F650 [1]. Its quite small and quite powerful with simple enough interface for me to easily use it but enough override to keep Kevin happy too!

It has an internal lithium battery and takes XD cards as its memory. On the whole its got everything we wanted and has the biggest, nicest screen I’ve seen in a while. Its easy to set the flash settings and it has both macro and super-macro modes (useful for taking closeups of stitch patterns). There are also some presets for using it in different modes – like fireworks, sunset, flower, landscape and so on, including a museum mode where it turns off the keytones! There are also some presets for whitebalance which seem to really help with colour temperature when I photograph knitting without the flash.

The photographs that appear over the next few days were taken with the new toy, let me know what you reckon!

1 I know that link is to amazon but I can’t find either Jessop’s or the manufacturer’s page

One thought on “New Camera

  1. Let me know how you get on with the camera. I’ve had a Canon Ixus II for ages, 2 megapixel, and it’s great. I would like to upgrade soon.

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