Crochet Slowpoke

I saw these slowpoke patterns linked from somewhere else a while back and I just had to buy them. Well the first one is finished – he’s a bit plain (think that was the rather primary colour choices) but he’s done and I think he’s cute:

I pre-recorded this entry a few days ago as he’s a present for a friend and I had to photograph him and then post him … but he should be there by now if you’re reading this.

I might have to make some for myself, or maybe one of these what do you reckon?

5 thoughts on “Crochet Slowpoke

  1. I’ve just finished another slowpoke, like one I made earlier, and this one is at least as cute!

    I realised after finishing this one that they original pattern has them with their heads looking sideways, maybe this is why mine always look a bit st

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