Boxes and Labels

I’ve packed the camera as I’m away this weekend, so I’m sorry but a word-related house post is all there is for today.

We’ve got most of the furniture assembled now, or at least in the room it is destined for, and the process of unpacking begins. Remember that quite a lot of stuff has been in storage for 18 months. I’ve been entertained by some of the labelling on the boxes and though I’d share.

  • Lorna Burford 2005 (the other label on the box reads “stereo, placements, pebble lamp, coasters” which gives you a clue that I’m not actually in the box)
  • Things Lorna Can Live Without Jan 06 (ironically, its been unsealed so I can get something at some point!)
  • An IKEA Uplighter and a 30cm Farnell Ruler. How Useful
  • Contents of Tall Shelves. Burford Jan 06 Can you remember what possessions you haven’t seen in a year and a half were on a shelf in a house you longer live in?? No, me neither!
  • My personal favourite: Mugs. Other Things. (on a very large box)
  • Spotted yesterday when looking for a bit of N64: Contains the Internet

On the other hand, every box is labelled and dated, which makes me feel like I might be quite organised. There was a comedy moment when someone helping us unpack brought a box off a sainsburys dinner service and asked what was in it as we hadn’t labelled it … the answer is “the dinner service”!!

3 thoughts on “Boxes and Labels

  1. I have some Ikea shelves at the parents’ that probably won’t survive another assembly, if I ever get around to buying somewhere.

  2. I must confess that we moved the one Ikea unit we had in the flat across to the house in the van rather than dismantling it … we worked out that its already been constructed and destroyed four times!

  3. If you think that lot of labels was strange, then be glad you missed out on the first time we moved house as a household. I put room names and numbers on each box, e.g. Living Room 4 or Kitchen 2. I’ve just been reminded of that when collapsing a box I had just emptied, and finding one of the labels from that move on the bottom of a box!

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