Wedding Weekend

Some of you know this young lady and I’m sure she won’t mind me posting a little shot of where I was this weekend:

4 thoughts on “Wedding Weekend

  1. Can you post that picture in a higher res Lorna?

    Looks like great weather!! Trust you all had a great time.

  2. Mark – I’ll email you some better versions of the photos when I get my camera, myself and a working internet connection all in the same place at the same time! It was lovely weather and a good day all round.

  3. We had a lovely day and thanks for posting this picture Lorna as we havent seen many – I have a nice one I will email you later

    Mark – thanks for email and text – soz not replied feet havent touched the ground

    love to all

  4. Nic: glad you had a lovely time. You looked divine and it was lovely to see so many happy well-wishers!

    Mark: Compromise, I’ve mastered flickr and the set is here

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