Can Your Husband Cook?

How many women cook the main meal of the day, on autopilot, knowing that the man in their life “can’t cook”? It seems to be a pretty regular thing. I think men are better cooks than they are given credit for – most of them are pretty motivated since they like food!

I think that we are confusing two skills here:

  • the ability to create nutritious and tasty food
  • the ability to feed a family when you come in the house hungry and uninspired after a long day at work.

The two are totally different skills, and they’re not linked! What kind of a cook are you?

4 thoughts on “Can Your Husband Cook?

  1. I’m a shocking cook. Though I’m a huge fan of cooking shows – there’s something extremely theraputic about listening/watching Rick Stein, for example, cooking “simple” food! I can’t get the timing right and the resultant food always tastes like flour, regardless of flour being in the recipe.

  2. I find that really surprising – especially as you’re such a fan of food :) I’m better with timings now but I still do a lot of baked things that are all in one pot so the meal only has to be ready at the same time as itself and you.

  3. erm,

    I’m a great cook. I’m normally given to modesty, but when I come back from work, if Claire’s not already back, I just get my knife out and get to work. I like trying new things but I also have a repertoire of good food I can just knock up without thinking about it. I’ve had to resist the temptation to get cable TV as I’d spend all my time watching cookery shows…. My mum made sure I knew how to cook before I left school, so I could always fend for myself.

    Having said that, I love eating. You should never trust a skinny chef!!

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