Little Guest Room

I promise house stories, and then I disappear for weeks, I know! Anyway, I’m back with some more house photos. Do you remember an attic photo from the first day in the house?

Well, its the little guest room now, and has had a few visitors already – I hope Chris, Cait and Rob enjoyed their stays!

2 thoughts on “Little Guest Room

  1. I enjoyed my stays and enjoyed resting in that comfy bed after all the stuff you made me move hehe :) only joking look forward to staying again soon xx

  2. Caity: We did move rather a lot of stuff! The wardrobe we carried up the stairs is still in pieces in the other spare room … I’m waiting for some willing volunteers to show up that I can get to do that for me. Hope to see you again soon, you’ve left your slippers so I expect you’ll be back :)

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