The Internet Has Landed

We bought a house, as I may have mentioned before. For anyone who doesn’t know us, I’m an internet geek living with an even geekier internet geek. The internal networks have been up since about ten days in, but its taken til today (more than five weeks) to get the internet connected to the house. It sounds daft to put the internal networks up but the nabaztag works and we’ve also got an internet radio that can stream music off the internal server which is great as the radio reception in the basement kitchen is rubbish. Anyway, back to my internet story:

We started off by ringing BT. They would need to send someone to test the line but wouldn’t need access to the house. So that duly happened, but we didn’t get a phone line. They rang to say they needed access to the house to reconnect us, and could come any time between 9am and 6pm, Monday to Friday, and would give us a 5-hour window in which to expect them. We can’t take time off really and can only work remotely if we have internet. Very annoying.

The problem arose because the house wasn’t previously supplied by this company, so we rang the current suppliers, a cable company. They would happily connect us immediately and we didn’t really care so long as we got internet so we tried to move forward with that. Only the cable people couldn’t connect a new account at our address as the previous owner hadn’t cancelled his account which is registered at this address. Its not even his house any more but until he cancels his account, we can’t have one.

So back to BT. Kevin eventually managed to do some remote paperwork from here one morning last week and a BT engineer came and connected the line. Today, the ADSL got connected and started working … so I’m on the sofa, with the laptop :)

Usually if I write more than one blog entry at a time then I stagger them, but tonight I’m just going to blog and blog! This place has been getting very neglected as I’ve been offline and sooooooo busy at work. Watch this space …

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