Easter Chick

Happy Easter! I’m away for a long weekend but this post was pre-recorded. I handmade my mum’s easter gift and wrote about it, but can’t publish until she’ll have got it!

Its a duckling from this pattern – knitted with fluffy wool on four needles. I used Snowflake DK and 5mm needles but I suspect it would have been better with 4mm ones as stated in the pattern however I only have one set of double-pointed needles.

Here he is anyway:

His beak and feet are made from orange pipe-cleaners. The beak was bent into shape and then the excess clipped off. The feet were shaped and then just pushed into the chicken through his woolly exterior and into the toy stuffing inside.

Happy Easter, mum :)

4 thoughts on “Easter Chick

  1. Awwwwwwwwwww how cute! I love it :)

    You are my inspiration for knitting. I’m trying to do a scarf right now… erm… it’s not going too well… practise makes perfect… so they say :)

  2. Saj, you’re knitting? That’s wonderful! You must tell me about your scarf, and I promise that practice does indeed make perfect :) Thanks for dropping in.

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