Garden Goodness

You’ve probably seen the garden photos we took already, but last weekend, it underwent rather a change. Here’s the updated version:

You can’t really see on this photo, but I now have flowers in my garden :) Here’s a better shot:

The two on the left are Hydrangeas, one is a cutting from Mum’s plant and the other was a gift from Enid. Mum and I went to the garden centre and bought the others – the big purple one is a buddleia which butterflies will like. The others I’m not sure but they’re pretty!!

Planting plants is easy, all you do is:

  1. Dig a hole
  2. Put potting compost in it
  3. Add ‘fairy dust’ (slow release fertiliser granules)
  4. Get the plant out of its pot (this is the hard bit)
  5. Put the plant in the hole and pat the earth you dug out to make the hole around the plant.

We also planted lettuce seeds, but there’s nothing to show you of those just yet …

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