11 thoughts on “Post-it Flowers

  1. I am! :) I just finished making my first flower, and am waiting for it to dry now. I found that paperclips came in very handy for holding the petals in place while the glue dried.

    Not sure what I’ll do with them all when I’ve made some more, though. What are your plans?

  2. I’ve got two petals so far … not making great progress! AND I’ve got them paperclipped instead of glued as we don’t seem to have any glue at work.

    In our house when we bought it there were loads of big glass vases with rubbish pretend flowers in … am thinking the vases would look great with these inside them instead, what do you reckon?

  3. That sounds a great idea. :) I’ve made four flowers so far, one each in blue, pink, yellow & white (sadly, my purple post-its are too small for this), and Jon was really impressed with how they looked!

  4. You’re showing me up!! I had a shot last night with my block of lovely bright post-its but they are the expensive sort with loads of very sticky glue stuff and paper that’s quite thick so doesn’t fold cleanly. Combine that with an emergency glue stick bought from my corner shop for 79p and things didn’t go well!

    I’m now in possession of cheap post-its, and ordinary PVA glue, and paperclips to hold them with (although I found hair grips worked fine as well), so watch this space.

  5. yay they’re so cool i’ve only got little post-its or ones with my name on… not going so well but yours look fab!

  6. I did it wrong, but it worked out. I ended up using 6 petals somehow. Five was not enough. I think I had to kind of fluff it out. <3

  7. May: I’m sure your flowers look fine with 6, I did find I had to suish a few petals to make them fat enough to join up – and when I glue them I also paperclip them together to hold them.

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